YUMMY sauce

Looking for an easy way to save time and cook delicious food?

With our Yummy Sauce, you can:
  • marinade

  • glaze

  • stir-fry

  • bbq

  • and anything your heart desires

What's our Yummy Sauce?

All our grilled dishes are prepared with a home-made sauce that we bottle up for your convenience. 

Why use Yummy Sauce?
  • Take out the guessing in putting ingredients together

  • It's versatile - use it on anything and anyway you like

  • Add your own personal touch or use it on it's own

  • Bring home your favourite flavours from our family to yours

    Save time and Try these yummy recipes!

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Closed due to COVID19.


Delivering Yummy Sauce & selling Gift Cards until further notice.

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Calgary AB

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T: 403-210-4909

We offer delivery


That's right! We now offer delivery via Skip the Dishes. Click below to get your food delivered!